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Did you know when marketing a product or service online, a squeeze page is an important tool to use that helps funnel prospects into a list?

Once on your list you can then nurture a relationship with your prospects, send freebies, send offers and educate them about your products or services.
A squeeze page is very similar to a sales page in that the primary function is to pull in prospective customers in order to motivate them to take action and purchase a product or service from you.

There are many ways to promote this all important squeeze page but perhaps the most easiest of them is to offer a free service or product and then ask them to share the squeeze page with friends so that they can also benefit from the free gift you are giving on the squeeze page.

Another method of getting prospects to your squeeze page is to write and sumbit articles to article directories that contain your squeeze page address in the author bio box.

The articles should be informative and professional.

You can also draw attention to your squeeze page by using solo ads. Solo ads are a powerful way to promote your squeeze page.

When you utilize ezine solo ads you are basically paying the ezine owner for the priviledge of sending emails to their list that encourage their readers to visit your squeeze page.

Opt-in forms on your blog in the side bar and within your blog posts at the end of the post is another way to get people to your squeeze page and have them sign up to your list.

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Steven Daniels